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Military Branches

over 3 years ago

 Branch/Website Link
Person of Contact
 Phone Number
 Email Address
 U.S. Air Force

 U.S. Army
 SSG Schmidt
 U.S. Marines
 SGT Bulger
 U.S. Navy
 Petty Officer Evans
 National Guard
 Melissa Wojcik

Military Academics

over 3 years ago

A military academy is an institution which prepares candidates for service in the officer corps of the Army, the Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard.  The selection process is highly competitive yet the potential rewards are great.  In my experience, it is imperative that you begin your pursuit of this option very early in your high school years.  Explore the websites, talk to the counselor, contact recruiters and attend the Academy Information Days sponsored by your Senators and Representatives.

Military ROTC Scholarship

over 3 years ago

With regards to Military ROTC/Scholarship programs it is my experience that it is best to start preparing for the application process EARLY (even early 8th or 9th grade year)!  Start exploring the website, talking to the counselor and talking to recruiters early so you can plan your schedule, testing and extra-curricular/community activities around the admissions process.